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There are loadsa Clubs in Dublin but we have listed a few of the better ones below :
  • The Pod The best Nightclub in Dublin. The POD has been going since the early 90's .They got us into dance and have been leading us on a merry chase ever since. Three different Clubs all rolled into...
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Late Night Pubs

  •  The Porterhouse This pub brews all of its own beer from Templebrau to the intriguing Chocolate Stout. The original location is on Parliament Street just on the edge of Temple Bar. There are also locations on Nassau Street and Phibsborough. Live music many nights and always packed with a good...
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Night Life

Nightlife in Dublin is whatever you want it to be, but will definitly involve large quantities of drink. With such a great variety of Pubs and nightclubs If you want electro, dance , rock, blues , punk , indy, traditional Irish music or all this mixed together, we've got it all. Below we've listed a...
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