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Terms and Conditions

Four Courts Hostel - Terms and Conditions

Table of Contents

  1. Four Courts Hostel general
  2. Public liability insurance
  3. Under 18, under 16 and children
  4. Equality
  5. Information provided via website, brochure and email
  6. Data Protection
  7. Payment terms and conditions of booking
  8. Cancellations/No Shows/Pre Authorisations
  9. Group bookings
  10. Group code of conduct and deposit
  11. Right to refuse admission/entry
  12. Insurance
  13. Meals
  14. Guests with disabilities, medical conditions or special needs
  15. Smoking and illegal substances
  16. Personal possessions
  17. Car park
  18. Enjoy your stay

1. Four Courts Hostel

These are the Booking Terms and conditions for the Four Courts Hostel.

1.1 Guests are required to be considerate of others in the Hostel, to take due care of the facilities
provided and to respect the shared/communal aspect such is the nature of hostelling. Please be
polite, respectful, and considerate and conduct oneself in a manner that is appropriate at all times
1.2 Any unacceptable/anti-social/problematic behaviour and you will be asked to leave the premises
without refund.
1.3 A Manager will be on duty every day during office hours should you need to speak to them. A
weekend manager is appointed and is available however feel free to contact any member of staff at
all times if you need to discuss anything or have any questions. We are open and friendly.
1.4 In the case of necessity we can and will call the emergency services such as the Garda,
Ambulance or Fire Service.
1.5 Such is the nature of communal living the building is not suitable for long-term stays, we have a
maximum stay of 2 weeks unless previously arranged by management.
1.6 Prices vary from season to season (low, mid, high), with mid-week prices and weekend prices
(Fri-Sat). The prices may go up or down at short notice depending on the needs of the hostel or any
events that may arise which will cause high demand.
1.7 We will guarantee any prices that have been confirmed to you either online, as a group booking
or otherwise and as communicated to you by an online travel partner booking confirmation or a staff
1.8 We cannot take responsibility or be in a position to compensate our customer if we cannot
guarantee the booking, in the event of, but not limited to, war, threat of war, civil commotion or
strife, hostilities, strikes or other industrial dispute, natural disaster, fire, Act of God, terrorist
activities, technical problems with transportation, closures of airports, ports and/or ferries,
quarantine, epidemics, weather conditions, government action or other events outside our control.
1.9 On some occasions, unforeseen and operational, we may have the need to relocate our
customer to another premises. If this is the case we will contact you immediately and inform of the
situation. The accommodation will be as close to if not equal to what you have booked and will not
incur any surcharges or other additional payments other than what was initially confirmed.
1.10 As far as the law allows, the Four Courts Hostel takes no responsibility for loss to any guest as a
consequence of this agreement.
1.11 Four Courts Hostel reserves the right to access rooms at any time for the purposes of cleaning.
Personal items may be moved if blocking a reserved bed or removed from the room if remaining
past the allocated check out time of 10.30

2. Public liability insurance

2.1 The Four Courts Hostel has standard public liability insurance.
2.2 We suggest that guests will have their own independent insurance (covering cancellations) as
they are not covered by our insurance for personal injury, damage or theft of property whilst in the
Four Courts Hostel, or public transport delays/cancellations.

3. Under 18, Under 16 and Children

3.1 Groups which include guests under 18 years old are not to be left unsupervised at any time on
hostel premises. Any guests under 16 may not be in shared accommodation. Ideally we will require a
minimum 1:10 ratio of adults to children.
3.2 The Four Courts Hostel is child and family friendly but if you are a family with children 16 years
and under, and you book dorm accommodation please be aware that these children can’t stay in
dorms with others who are not part of your group and that we have a policy of providing both mixed
and single sex dorms.
3.3 All bookings must be made by a person over 16 years of age. Anyone who is either 16 or 17 years
of age must be accompanied or travelling in pairs or more to stay in dorm accommodation. A person
of either 16 or 17 years of age who wishes to stay alone must book a private room
3.4 Groups with Under 18, Under 16 and Children
a. The lead passenger and group leaders are responsible for the children in their care at all times.
The Four Courts Hostel do not accept responsibility for the care and supervision of children in our
premises. (Please see Code of Conduct) This includes medical details, emergency contact details for
parents/guardians and any allergies that may be present and must work in conjunction with the staff
if there may be an emergency.
b. Please ask for the hostel safety statement which is available at reception at all times and please
familiar yourselves with the fire exits and emergency equipment on your floor and closest to your
rooms. We will be happy to help.
c. Passengers under 16 years must be accommodated in same gender room accommodation
designated for their group use only. Ideally all passengers under 18 will be in separated into same
gender rooms. Please contact management for gender specific requirements.
d. All group leaders will be in separate rooms as per original request/booking/confirmation.

4. Equality

4.1 The Four Courts Hostel is open and welcomes all guests and will not be discriminated against on
the basis of race, nationality, gender, age, status, occupation, sexuality, religion etc.
If a passengers personal circumstances may lead to special accommodation or catering
requirements, please advise us at the time of booking so that we can make the necessary
arrangements in advance for the comfort of the passenger.

5. Information provided via website, brochure and email

5.1 Please note that sometime errors or oversights may happen and any correction that we may
need to make will be without liability and in advance of arrival. (Invoices, order form, delivery
dockets etc.)

6. Data protection

The Four Courts Hostel respects the privacy of our guests and we take the security of the same very
seriously. Any information that is required is for the sole purpose of securing the booking and for the
security of the staff, guests and integrity of the building. (Our GDPR document is available at any
time for inspection)
6.1 We will not sell or hire your data to any third parties at any time.
6.2 If we collect emails for promotional purposes this will be down to you. Please opt in if you want
to hear from us. Otherwise you will not hear from us. We will only ever contact you in this respect
with your consent.
6.3 Access to customer data is via a password controlled system which is only available to staff. We
have all the required security and firewalls needed and the customer WiFi is on a separate network
which is also password protected.
6.4 Our website uses cookies in order to provide a better browsing experience for our site, but we
do not track you once you leave the site.

7. Payment of bookings and refunds

7.1 We accept payment with bank transfer, credit card and cash on arrival. Other methods of
payment may be considered on a case by case basis.
7.2 If your booking is for more than one night and you fail to arrive we have the right to charge the
first night as a no show and cancel the remainder of your reservation.
7.3 Online, direct, group and other booking may all have a different cancellation policy so this will
need to be checked at the time of making the booking.
7.4 Please allow at least seven days for processing a refund. This may take longer depending on the
card type, issuing bank or country of origin, up to 30+ days in exceptional cases.
7.5 We often perform credit card pre-authorisations to secure bookings or for group security
deposits. Funds held on a credit or debit card charged to a debit card will be refunded as per the
issuing bank’s policy. Typically this may take between 3-10 working days; however some banks do
take longer.
Please be advised that with pre-authorisation no money is transferred at the time, but it will affect
your available funds while the pre-authorisation exists. The Four Courts Hostel is not liable for any
delays in the refund of pre-authorisations by credit card companies.

7.6 Any booking with a duration greater than 7 days, payment will be required of the first week in advance and is non-refundable

8. Cancellation Policy

8.1 Cancellation policies vary depending on the booking. Please see confirmation email from booking
source for specifics

9. Group Bookings

9.1 A group booking is considered to be a group of people of 6 or more passengers. There are
different policies when dealing with groups such as a 25% Non-refundable Deposit and balance due
6 weeks before arrival among other information. Cancellation policy will be advised at the time of
enquiry. Group Booking Terms and Conditions will be emailed to passenger when making the
enquiry. All group payments will be made in advance.
9.2 We will require the lead passenger to be sole person responsible for the group, making the
booking, payments and liaising with the hostel on all levels until check out.
9.3 The lead passenger is also required to be resident in the hostel throughout this time.
9.4 The lead passenger must be aged 18 years or over.
9.5 On arrival the lead passenger is required to sign all relevant documentation. Including but not
limited to a room list of passengers for fire safety purposes
9.6 It is the responsibility of the lead passenger to ensure that all members of the group are fully
aware of the terms and conditions/code of conduct and any other direction from staff that may
seem necessary.
9.7 As per Code of Conduct the lead passenger may be responsible for any wilful damage to the
hostel. Please refer to our Code of Conduct.

10. Group Code of Conduct/Deposit

10.1 There is a deposit of €30.00 per person and the lead passenger will have to pay this amount in
one lump sum on credit card via a pre authorisation.
This deposit is fully refundable in full if no damages are caused by the group while staying with us.
Damages and expenses incurred by the hostel due to the actions of the group will be deducted from
the security deposit. Any expenses incurred beyond the limits of the deposit will be sought from the
lead passenger as the person responsible for the group and is liable.

11. Right to Refuse Admission/Entry

To ensure all guests and staff have a comfortable, safe and enjoyable stay or working environment
at our hostel, we reserve the right to refuse any guest or guests, including groups, entry or
accommodation at the Hostel.
Management may require a guest or guests to leave the Hostel at any stage.
11.1 The following are some instances when our staff may refuse to allow you to stay or ask you to
leave include if a guest or (a group):
• has been refused entry or has been asked to leave another Hostel in the past;
• on arrival or at any point during the stay, the management reasonably considers that you
are under the influence of drink or drugs;

• are not in possession of a valid ID card, Passport or Drivers licence are accepted;
• causing a disturbance and/or annoying other guests or Hostel staff;

• have exceeded the maximum stay policy as outlined in point 1.5;

• behaving in a threatening, abusive or otherwise unacceptable manner including in such way
which is affecting the smooth operation of the Hostel; or
• is in breach of the Hostel’s Booking Terms and Conditions or the Safety Statement (copies of
which are available at reception).
11.2 In confirming your stay and booking the Four Courts Hostel you agree to follow and abide our
rules including and not limited to respect, safety, security and wellbeing of all staff and guests
including the integrity of the building.

12. Insurance

12.1 We advise all guests to have their own personal travel insurance.

13. Meals

13.1 A free breakfast is provided each morning between 07.00-09.30. Self-catering facilities are
available until 23.00 each night. We can arrange a packed lunch for groups but it must be ordered in
advance of your stay and we outsource evening meals to a local restaurant for a fee.

14. Guests with disabilities, medical conditions or special needs

14.1 Please inform us in advance of any disability, medical condition or special needs, which may
require specific facilities. We will do our very best to help meet your requirements where possible
but please contact us in advance and we can answer any questions or concerns you may have.
The Four Courts Hostel will not be in the position to assist with walking, eating or other personal
needs. If a guest requires assistance, it is their responsibility to have someone accompany them who
can attend to their needs.
14.2 We are wheelchair accessible with but please note the elevator does not go to the basement
where the luggage room, reading room and TV room is located.
14.3 Service animals are welcome.

15. Smoking and illegal substances

15.1 As per Irish Law it is illegal to smoke anywhere within the building and if caught doing so you
will be removed from the premises with our refund. We have a designated smoking area.
15.2 The use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited and anyone suspected to be in the possession of
illegal drugs will be reported to the local Garda Síochána.
Guests will be asked to leave the Hostel without refund.

16. Personal possessions

16.1 Please look after your belongings. We provide personal lockers, laptop and electronic lockers
and luggage storage which are all free to use. Please bring a lock. We are not responsible for any
items lost or stolen on the premises.

17. Car Park

17.1 Parking available in a multi-storey facility directly behind the hostel at a small fee.

18. Enjoy your stay ☺

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